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Step by step instructions to Properly Install A New Motherboard


The motherboard is the most costly PC segment so make certain to treat and handle it with extraordinary care.There are a couple of things you ought to do to guarantee no motherboard harm happen as you get ready for the establishment. 

Be certain you have a clean,well lit,and level work place.Relax your brain and make this errand both fun and educational.You will need such instruments as a phillips screwdriver,maybe some needle nose pincers and the manual that accompanied the board. 

In particular you should eliminate any electrical static release from your body and clothes.Static power is a major issue and will rapidly harm chips on your new board. 


Planning to deal with your framework envolves work area,lighting, and much more.One incredible risk is the opportunity of electrical static charge.But this will be no issue when this static development is appropriately eliminates. 

Eliminate this threat by establishing yourself.Touch the metal instance of the framework unit or better yet,touch an entryway nobt in your work territory to eliminate all electrical static charge. 

Set down and painstakingly read your client’s manual and acquaint yourself with your new motherboard and its layout.Taking this time will help your motherboard establishment execution ike you never thought. 

Study your new motherboard and keep the case it came in.Remove it from its defensive wrap cautiously and without harming the wrap.This is done just in the event that you have to return the motherboard. 

You may need to return the motherboard in the event that you committed any errors in the purchase.Does the gaps of your new motherboard line up with the gaps in the case?If there are any motivation to return the board,you can essentially return it to the crate to return. 

Make the establishment of your new motherboard fun and get ready well.Go to www.ultimatepcrepair.com and tap on the photographs page to acquaint yourself with the entirety of the parts in the cmputer.Follow these methods as a guildline to introduce your new motherboard. 


First Turn on your PC and access your cmos arrangement. This is done as the PC tallies its memory.Press the mix of keys to get to your bios.once inside your bios,select “Standard CMOS Setup” and record all data about your PC’s drives. 

Ensure you get the thickness of your floppy drives and the kind of hard drive you have. When you have this, turn off and unplug the PC and eliminate the case. 

Second Study your framework unit design and you might need to accept notes as your eliminate parts and associations so it will be simpler with regards to re-introducing these segments or associations. 

Approach unplugging the wires that are associated with your old motherboard.Remember to name all associations with make re-introducing them simpler later.Here’s the place its critical to take for a spell to examine your old and new sheets before separating anything. 

Third Carefully separate all drives and name the connectors if needed.Remove the drives and set them off the beaten path in a safe place.Place all little sinks a cup or something where them won’t get lost. 

Cautiously handle the motherboard and give it a delicate pull upwards to make certain on connections,screws,or different gadgets are not interferring with the board’s expulsion. 

When you are sure there are no obstacle for the board to be removed,lift the board out of the framework unit.Look to check whether such segments as the memory should be introduced onto the new motherboard. 


Introducing the new motherboard is the converse request of eliminating the old motherboard.Be sure you eliminate all electrical static release from you body and clothes.Inspect the new board for harm and to be sure it is the privilege motherboard for your PC. 

Cautiously adjust the new motherboard with the framework unit case and secure the board.Be cautious not to make sure about the screws too much.Install the CPU chip in the event that it isn’t introduced on the board from the maker. 

Interface the huge force connector from the force gracefully the motherboard connector.Take care in not compelling the connector which may twist a pin. 

Introduce RAM Memory into their attachments and check to be certain they are puched in completely.Re-associate all different gadgets, for example, controllers,expansion cards lastly the drives. 

Check the sound,and recordings cards for legitimate establishment. Did you introduce your inward modem,or scanner connector card? Associate the prompts the On-Off switch too the hard drive marker. 

After all associations and segments are installed,stop and return to check again,and then,check some more.Replace the framework unit spread once you realize everything is great. 

Your framework should now be prepared to go.The motherboard may accompany a cdrom containing gadget drivers and other programming utilities that might be needed to be introduced. 

Presently give turning a shot the PC and if the POST finished without a hitch,you’re there.If you experience problems,go back and check all associations and gadgets. 

Ita that simple to introduce or overhaul not just the motherboard,but essentially every other part in the framework unit.Get occupied with understanding your PC now and spare huge on future PC fix costs.


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