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Registered Ports Have a range from 1024-49151, ports in this range are mostly used by Networking utlities such as Browsers, Email Clients, Messenger Utilities to communicate with remote servers. Usually Networking utlites will open random ports on this range to connect to remote servers. The port number in this range allows us to surf the internet, check e-mail, etc. For example we are currently chatting with Messenger then we are accessing Port: 1143,1155,5050,1177, 1186, 1187. The network protocol TCP / IP, a port is a mechanism that allows a computer to support multiple sessions and connections with other computers on the network program.


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  • Server IP OpenVpn-Udp OpenVPN-TcpOpenSSHDropbear
    1190.166.220.147 - 22,143443
    2189.166.225.746 22,80443
    3130.59.96.200 22,8080443
    4- 22,143443
    5- 22,80443
    6- 22,80443

The IP protocol is the core of the TCP / IP protocol. All data from protocols at the layer above IP must be passed, processed by the IP protocol and transmitted as IP packets to get to the destination. In sending data, IP has a property known as unrealiable meaning IP protocol does not guarantee that datagrams are sent to the destination. The IP protocol only promises to do the best possible effort (best effort delivery service), so that the package gets to its destination.